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Critical Overview on Development of E-Banking

 New electronic channels are replacing the more traditional ones. Mobile devices represent the recent development in electronic service distribution. An exploratory study was conducted on experienced electronic banking customers by using a qualitative in-depth interviewing method. The findings increase the understanding of customer-perceived value and value creation on the basis of attributes of mobile services and customer-perceived disadvantages of mobile phones in electronic banking context. The findings allow practitioners to improve their services and marketing strategies and pass on information to the academics about interesting future research areas (Laukkanen, 2005).

In Bangladesh, the expansion of e-banking is beset with several infrastructural, institutional, and regulatory constraints such as inadequate availability of reliable and secure telecommunication infrastructure, absence of a backbone network connecting the whole country, poor ICT penetration in the banking sector, lack of skilled manpower and training facilities, absence of supportive policies, guidelines, rules and regulations relating to etransactions and the like. Despite the constraints, efforts by the Bangladesh Bank in modernizing the country's payment system and commitment by the government in building 'Digital Bangladesh' have brought competition among the scheduled banks to improve banking services and rapidly adopt e-banking on a wider scale. This note provides a critical overview on development of e-banking in Bangladesh and future prospects for better understanding the issue that includes concept of e-banking, present status of scheduled banks in adopting ebanking services, and prospects of e-banking in Bangladesh on the basis of current trend in developing the ICT infrastructure in the country as well as ICT penetration in the banking sector that follows some policy suggestions for BB, Govt. of Bangladesh and scheduled banks so that optimum benefit through e-banking may be obtained.

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