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Convergence of the Internet and Mobile Networks

 The telecommunications industry worldwide has scrambled to bring what is available to networked computers to mobile devices (Schofield & Kubin 2002). Presently, the use of electronic banking is considerably high and as more and more users sign up for electronic-banking, the maturity as regards remote banking ( i.e. banking outside the banking hall) is on the increase.

With electronic banking, users can now conveniently carry out banking transactions, but this convenience cannot be achieved if the user does not have access to the internet, hence, in other words, the user cannot carry out a banking transaction while waiting for a bus, or perhaps while having lunch in a restaurant. With mbanking, convenience can be achieved 24hrs a day. This is because a user has access to his mobile phone all day, at all times. So, to effectively achieve a truly convenient banking mode, a truly mobile mode of banking has to be explored, hence the need for m-banking (Andrew, 2009)

The convergence of the Internet and mobile networks creates new opportunities and applications. Treating mobile business as simply an extension to the traditional web could result in missing out unique differentiated qualities for new value-added possibilities. Mobile Banking is considered to be one of the most value-added and important mobile service available. Arcraf's current research examined technological changes in mobile networks and innovative attributes of Mobile Internet. It has advanced the theoretical framework of innovation in service to develop a customer centric analysis of m banking value proposition. His article goes on to discuss critical factors in the diffusion of m Banking and explores reasons of failure and further prospects of success.

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