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Review Mobile Payment Services Markets

Improvement of mobile technologies and devices, banking users are able to conduct banking services at anyplace and at anytime. Recently, many banks in the world have provided mobile access to financial information. The reason to understand what factors contribute to users' intention to use mobile banking is important issue of research. The researcher's purpose is to examine and validate determinants of users' intention to mobile banking. He used a structural equation modeling (SEM) to test the causalities in the proposed model. The results indicated strong support for the validity of proposed model with 72.2% of the variance in behavioral intention to mobile banking. His study found that self-efficiency was the strongest antecedent of perceived easeof- use, which directly and indirectly affected behavioral intention through perceived usefulness in mobile banking. Structural assurances are the strongest antecedent of trust, which could increase behavioral intention of mobile banking. This research verified the effect of perceived usefulness, trust and perceived ease-of-use on behavioral intention in mobile banking. The results have several implications for mobile banking managers. (Gu Ja, 2009).

According to some researchers, the mobile payment services markets are currently under transition with a history of numerous tried and failed solutions, and a future of promising but yet uncertain possibilities with potential new technology innovations. At this point of the development, the researchers take a look at the current state of the mobile payment services market from a literature review perspective. They review prior literature on mobile payments, analyze the various factors that impact mobile payment services markets, and suggest directions for future research in this still emerging field. Consumer perspective of mobile payments as well as technical security and trust are best covered by contemporary research. The impacts of social and cultural factors on mobile payments, as well as comparisons between mobile and traditional payment services are entirely uninvestigated issues.

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